Privacy Policy


Let's get to the point - understanding how users interact with a website is a vital component of the managers’ and developers’ ability to improve it. Our website is no exception. Your privacy is our utmost concern to us, and our decisions are based on respecting the fact that you own your data. In this effort, we hope to create a clear and concise privacy policy. Please take a few seconds to read through this.

What Is Personal Information

We define personal information as anything that could be used to identify you. This includes location information more specific than a country level (saying you're in the USA is a lot different from saying you live at 221B Baker Street), IP addresses, email, name, browsing history, telephone, etc. Essentially, if Sherlock Holmes could locate you from the data, that's personal data.

What Information We Collect

Good news! We collect absolutely no personal data.

We use an analytics service called Insights to anonymously collect limited information about your visit. This information includes device dimensions (rounded to the nearest 50px to protect privacy), referrer, the time of your visit, duration of the visit, operating system, language, and browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). This information is grouped along with all our other information, and there is no way to identify you from this information. To learn more about Insights and the data they collect, see their privacy policy.

We may also learn limited information from a service called Cloudflare, which protects our site from malicious visitors, and creates a faster and more secure connection between you and our servers. All traffic is routed through Cloudflare, and we may have access to anonymous information regarding how many requests come from different countries, when requests happen, along with the speed at which content was able to be delivered to our visitors. Again, none of this information is traceable to you. To learn more about Cloudflare, please visit their privacy policy. Keep in mind that Cloudflare offers paid analytics, which we do not pay for, and thus we only have access to the general information mentioned above. Not all the information they mention in their privacy policy is available to us, nor do we care to view your personal information.

Do Not Track

If you do not wish to have general and anonymized information regarding your visit included with our analytics reports, you may opt out by enabling the Do Not Track (DNT) flag in your browser. You will still register as having visited, and we will still have access to the country your request was routed from through Cloudflare, but we will collect and store no other information. To turn on DNT for your browser, search for it in browser settings, or look it up in the support page for your browser.


We do not use first party cookies, or record sessions using cookies. We use a service called Cloudflare, which uses cookies to protect our site against malicious traffic. These cookies are classified as technical cookies, as they are necessary to provide our services. We do not use them to track or remember you. To learn more about Cloudflare's cookies, visit their website regarding their cookies.

Right To Be Forgotten

Because it is impossible to trace information we collect back to you, it is therefore impossible to extract or remove specifically your information.

Questions or Concerns

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about your privacy. I will respond within thirty one days of legitimate requests.